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WANT POSTPARTUM SUPPORT TOO?: Upgrade your order to get the sister program to LYL called the "New Mama Manual". This Natural Postpartum program is something I designed specifically to support Love Your Labour mamas AFTER baby arrives using the same positivity and naturopathic perspective you'll find in LYL. We cover the critically important postpartum topics you’re most worried & confused about (including the postpartum depression, infant immune system & vaccinations, infant digestion & breastfeeding, infant sleep & relationship stuff, and SO much more!) Regularly priced at $399, get it today only for just $179.

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Natural Labour Preparation
    + the GBS Prevention Protocol
  • Partner Support Training 
    + the Labour Partner Handbook 
  • Pre-Baby Breastfeeding Support
    + the Milk Supply Guide 
  • Labour Induction Tools
    + the 3rd Trimester Meal Plan
  • Exclusive Facebook Community
    to get ongoing labour prep support 
Your words from the Love Your Labour program echoed through my head the entire time I was in labour! You're amazing." 
- Nooreen
The Love Your Labour program is just what I was looking for and now I'm actually excited to bring my baby boy into this world. Thank you! 
- Alia
I honestly think my 2nd labour was saved by your program. If all my labours were like that, I'd have 100 babies!
- Sara
Pregnant mama friends, LYL is worth every penny! It truly helped us to have an amazing home birth experience that I will always cherish. 
- Anneliese
A year later and I can't stop talking about my amazing labour experience. Everyone was shocked at how calm I was and it made me and my husband more connected than ever.
I watched the Pain Training Groundwork in the course last night and I already feel less afraid of labour & delivery! I can't wait to go through the rest of the course! 
- Sandie
Frequently Asked Questions: 
What if the program doesn't work for me?
I’m going to be honest. I can’t "guarantee" you that will have a 100% intervention-free birth. I haven’t even had one of those myself! And the reason I can’t guarantee that is because of the 90/10 rule. You have 90% of the control over your birth, between the work you to do prepare, induce, and manage your labour naturally. And 90% is a LOT. 

However, there’s always going to be that extra 10% of the puzzle that’s not up to you. Or me. Or your doctor, midwife, doula, partner, or ANYONE. It’s up to God, the Universe, Mother Nature, Fate, your baby, your body...I’m actually not positive WHO it is that controls the last 10%. But it’s the reason I can’t guarantee this will “work” for you. 

That being said - many women who have gone through this program and whose births didn’t go according to plan are still SO grateful they went through the LYL curriculum. They’re still SO relieved that they learned as much as they did, felt as calm and prepared as they did, and were able to make the educated decisions that they did. 
What if my partner thinks I don't 'need' the program?
 It breaks my heart, but I actually get asked this question. Sometimes partners don’t see the value in the program if they haven’t seen the webinar, don’t understand the Labour Funnel OR if they don’t really grasp how hard and demanding labour is going to be for you. 

Either way, my answer is the same. This is your BIRTH. This might be the first time you’re forced to defend it, advocate for it, and protect it...but it probably won’t be the last. Your partner shares your goal of wanting to have a safe, healthy delivery of your baby. So spell out your fears, your desires, your plans, your hopes, your dreams, your goals. Help your partner see that Love Your Labour is your #1 best resource to help you achieve those birth goals, hopes & dreams. 
What if I already have a doula or another prenatal class?
Great question! And I’m happy to hear it :) Doulas go a long way in helping you achieve a natural birth. And prenatal classes can be helpful in getting you ready for your birth. But having a doula or another prenatal class DON'T mean you can’t also join the Love Your Labour program. 

They're totally different. No other prenatal class out there is from the perspective of the Love Your Labour program, nothing else shares these diverse strategies to help you achieve your dream birth. 

And even if you have a doula, I still wholeheartedly believe it’s critical that your partner is your primary support person (hence dedicating an entire module of the LYL program to it!) because of the Oxytocin factor. A doula is always amazing to have with you to help advocate for you, to be an extra set of hands, a source of calm energy & experience...but nothing replaces your partner when it comes to loving labour support that simultaneously, magically boosts and encourages an efficient birth. 
What if I don’t have 4 weeks left in my pregnancy?
No problem - now that the program is under Membership Access, you can binge on the program content as quickly as you like! I've had mamas as late as 39wks pregnant join the program and go on to have a fabulous birth experience using the techniques from the program.
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