Eliminate The Fear. Take Control.


Welcome mama-to-be!

My name is Corinne and I've had the trifecta of birth experiences:
attempted home birth turned c-section, successful VBAC in hospital, and finally a beautiful, healing home birth.

And after my birth journey, I can tell you that a natural, normal birth experience is glorious, powerful and life-affirming. 

But far too many mamas-to-be are underprepared, overwhelmed and terrified of the pain…which means far too many women and their babies are suffering through unnecessary medical interventions that could've been prevented.

My job is to help you avoid that same old scenario and remind you:

Magnificent woman, your body is incredible & you can do this.

What is Love Your Labour©?

Love Your Labour© is a comprehensive online Natural Labour Training Program, complete with a members-only community that will show you how to achieve your ideal natural birthing experience. 

You’ll learn how to prepare your mind, body, and partner for the in-control, drug-free, lovingly-supported labour you want so deeply.

This program will:
1) MAXIMIZE your chance of giving birth naturally
2) MINIMIZE your risk of c-section, interventions or complications

All content is streamlined and packed into four simple, easy-to-follow modules that show you exactly what to do and what mistakes to avoid. This program is incredibly convenient - materials are available 24/7 via the members-only portal, you can watch with or without your partner, from wherever you have internet access, as many times as you like. Technology for the win!

You’ll get all the tools you need to become an educated, empowered and fully supported Birth Goddess. Yes, really - a sparkling, powerful Goddess who’s eager and ready to naturally deliver her baby.

Success Stories

You really have something amazing here that you're offering women. I've been actively working towards a natural birth, reading & researching as much as possible, but have never seen anything like this. 

Thanks so much for your dedication to the labour & birth field and giving so much of yourself to us. It means more than you could ever know!

- Talia

I feel like a badass birth goddess! I am so beyond proud of myself. 

I loved labouring. I loved the birth process. It truly was just so awesome and beautiful. Thank you Corinne for this great program!

- Olivia

I felt so empowered & educated on pregnancy and labour!

Thank you Corinne for creating this program!

- Priscilla

You want to give birth naturally, but I know...

Right now, you’re feeling a whirlwind of emotions.

You’re excited, afraid of the pain, in awe of your body, scared of complications, giddy about the future, curious about the unknowns, anxious about all the horror stories you've heard, and generally worried you’re not ready for childbirth. But you know what? You can do this. Let me show you how:

It’s time to take control of your fear.

The number one scariest thing about childbirth is the fear of pain. I know you’re wondering how on earth you’re gonna handle it, and you’re so worried you’ll cave and end up begging for that epidural.

Trust me – after giving birth to three of my own babies and working with countless pregnant women as a former prenatal Naturopathic Doctor and Labour Doula, I FULLY get it. The contractions! The pushing! The tearing! Labour pain is the stuff nightmares are made of, right??? Well...actually no. 

Love Your Labour© teaches you how to actually ENJOY your birth, using proven concrete ways to minimize your experience of pain, optimize the birth process, and increase your satisfaction in labour.

You’ll learn tons of all-natural tools and techniques - some that are cutting edge hot-off-the-press research, and some that women have been using for thousands of years. You can practice them as often as you like in the weeks leading up to your due date, so you’re completely prepared, excited and fear-free when those contractions begin.

And because it’s so important to me that you feel assured and in control, I include a 15-day zero-risk money-back guarantee. If you don’t love the program within 15 days, ask for a refund, and you’ll get every last cent of your investment back. Pinkie promise.

Your journey to natural birth success begins the moment you click the button below and say HECK YES to loving your labour!

Love Your Labour© Includes:

The Labour Prep Module to prepare your cervix, uterus, and baby for a smooth & efficient labour

The Partner Prep Module to equip your partner with natural tools to best support you through labour

The Breastfeeding Prep Module to give you the best start with breastfeeding foundations!

The Birth Prep Module to naturally induce your labour, optimize pushing and minimize tearing

SO Get This:

Love Your Labour© Includes:

The Labour Prep Module
to prepare your cervix, uterus, and baby for a smooth & efficient labour

The Partner Prep Module
to equip your partner with all the natural tools to best support you through labour

The Breastfeeding Prep Module to give you the best start with breastfeeding foundations!

The Birth Prep Module
to naturally induce your labour, optimize pushing and minimize tearing


The LYL Protocols

Labour Prep Protocol to help align your body & baby for a smooth & efficient birth

Gestational Diabetes Protocol to learn alternatives to the test & manage blood sugar naturally

GBS Protocol to avoid unnecessary antibiotics in labour & advocate for yourself even if GBS +ve

Natural Induction Protocol to gently nudge your body into labour without medical interventions

Medical Induction Protocol incase you do need intervention, you can advocate to start gently

Pain Relief Protocol so you'll get to the end of your labour before the end of your pain relief tools

Epidural Protocol incase you end up with an epidural, you can still advocate for your best birth

Cesarean Protocol so you'll have a positive birth experience even if it takes a turn for the O.R.


The LYL Bonuses


Using tools like the Vision Board, Prenatal Yoga & Meditation, this bonus helps to align your body, your breath, and attraction energy to allow you to manifest the birth of your dreams.


Learn each of the top 8 obstacles to a natural birth that increase the risk of unnecessary interventions. For each obstacle, we discuss how to prevent it, and if it's already present - how to overcome it and advocate for yourself.


The hospital is where the Labour Funnel lives, so it's just harder to deliver naturally there. This bonus gives an extra layer of protection just for the hospital birthing mamas to help you advocate for yourself & your birth.
Love Notes

I just wanted to let you that you pretty much saved my life! Your program helped me SO MUCH during my labor. I'm so proud of myself, it was a quick, all natural labour - I felt ready & confident, and it really showed! 

I had a great experience and I owe you a big THANK YOU.

- Arianne

When my husband tells me how awesome I did in my all-natural labour, I find it hard to be humble. "Ya, I WAS awesome!" 

I had confidence to trust my body & truly have you to thank for that.

- Lisa

I didn't realize I wanted a natural birth as much as I do now! I thought I could just tough it out during my first birth (which didn't work). It feels good to actively prepare for it this time. 

It was a great move deciding to sign up for your course. Thank you for your hard work! 

- Kayla

Imagine two pregnant women...

One is confident, prepared and excitedly anticipating her upcoming birth experience. Actually, she can’t wait to go into labour!

The other doesn’t know what’s going to happen or how she’ll handle it. She just can’t stop worrying about how bad the pain might be!

Who will have a more positive birth experience?

It's a no-brainer.

I want you to go into labour feeling strong, empowered and really, truly READY...no matter what happens. 

That's how LYL will make you feel.

Why Was Love Your Labour© Created?

As a Labour Doula and former Naturopathic Doctor, I use my unique skill set to support moms like you who want to give birth naturally. 
I help women avoid unwanted medical interventions - because I know from experience how heartbreaking it can be.
When I discovered I was pregnant for the very first time in 2011, as a Prenatal Naturopathic Doctor, expectations were high: I’d have a beautiful, easy, natural home birth with my husband, a doula, my midwife and I'd have a natural 4-hour power-birth - just like all the other women in my family. 

But, it didn’t go according to plan...

Discovering my baby was breech after 12 hours of natural labour was the most heart-stopping moment of my life. After a terrifying ambulance ride to the hospital and 12 more hours of natural labour, with sore swollen eyes and a completely broken heart, I finally welcomed Rowan into the world via C-section. 

I was happy, but I was also overwhelmingly devastated by my difficult birth. I was in shock. Disbelief. Heartbroken. Grief. I felt embarrassed. I had anxiety. I hated having a scar. I struggled to breastfeed. And I healed slowly and painfully. I became terrified that things could go wrong again the next time I tried to give birth.

My confidence was shot.

I became obsessed with helping other women avoid the same thing.

Which is what brings us right here, right now, talking about natural birth. 

After my c-section, all I could do to ease my anxiety and soothe my heart was RESEARCH. I began obsessively researching how to OPTIMIZE the body for natural labour. Not just theory, or hearsay - I sought out concrete tools and proven techniques to amass a vast archive of actionable information that I could use to prepare for my next birth. I then developed a step-by-step system and used it with all of my patients. I called it the FOUR STEP NATURAL LABOUR PREP SYSTEM.

The results were outstanding. I could barely believe how many successful natural births I was witnessing - but they weren’t just successful...

They were glorious, magical, easy, all-natural births by confident, empowered Birth Goddesses.

For a variety of important reasons, my clinical practice evolved into an exclusively online business, and the FOUR STEP NATURAL LABOUR PREP SYSTEM evolved my flagship program - the online, members-only Natural Labour Preparation program, called


I used this system while preparing for my 2nd birth and was able to overcome THREE *significant obstacles* in my labour and eventually achieve the greatest accomplishment of my life at that point: my VBAC.

I used this system again while preparing for my 3rd birth and was able to have a beautiful, healing, incredible, ECSTATIC home birth. Needless to say, I LOVED MY LABOUR!
What makes LYL so Game-changing?

LYL mamas have even said *LIFE* changing...

Love Your Labour© is creating a following that's turned into an unstoppable natural birth MOVEMENT, empowering women everywhere to give birth the way they want to.

It’s impacting births, relationships, and families, but even more than that - empowerment and self-confidence of women & mothers everywhere. And I don’t say that lightly.
The unique information I share in LYL is not available anywhere else, and because the program is entirely online, it’s also more affordable than traditional labour preparation. 

If you want to give birth naturally, minimize the pain, involve your partner in a meaningful way and give your baby the absolute best start possible,
Love Your Labour© is for you.

You'll Get:

  • ​​Specific, actionable ways to prep, prime & optimize your body for birth so labour is easier and complications less likely
  • Naturopathic modalities used in strategic combination to allow the body to be primed for the physiological birth process
  • Nine carefully chosen Chinese Medicine Acupressure points that are responsible for LYL's dramatically effective edge
  • ​A beautiful, loving community of LYL mamas who are there to keep you positive, encouraged and focused on your goal
  • ​​How to cultivate the best natural birth mindset so you’re excited, prepared and in control with every single contraction
  • Proven strategies to drastically reduce, channel & handle your pain so you won’t even think to ask for an epidural
  • How to read and interpret physical cues so you can work with your body to naturally encourage & support the birth process
  • All.the.ways your partner can support you in labour, reduce your pain and play an essential role in your birth story
  • ​LYL is delivered immediately with exclusive 24/7 access to the membership area, and once you join you're in for LIFE!


How do I know Love Your Labour© 
will work for me?
Every birth story is different. Love Your Labour© teaches you how to best prepare for all kinds of different scenarios, including VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), malposition, gestational diabetes, GBS +ve, and more.

No matter what your unique situation and now matter how your birth experience goes down, Love Your Labour© has got your back. It's not just one method fits all - it gives you the information you need to customize & tailor your birth plan to suit your unique situation, whatever that may be.

How long do I have access once I buy?
One of the many benefits of this being an online program is that it allows me to give you LIFETIME ACCESS. That's right - forever! And you'll always have access to the most updated version of the program - it just keeps getting better! 

So if you plan to have more babies after this one OR if you just like the freedom to watch these videos as often as you please, this feature works for you.

What if I already have a Midwife or Doula?
It’s amazing that you already have a doula or a midwife – I’m so happy for you, and you’ve made a wonderful decision! 

But Love Your Labour© still applies because it offers information from a holistic perspective that’s not available anywhere else - not even from your OB, Midwife or Doula. It's a specifically NATUROPATHIC perspective, and that's what makes it so beneficial and unique.

Medical professionals all work together for YOU to make sure your birth is the empowering experience you want.

How does LYL compare to other options out there? 
There is, as far as I know (and I’ve dug deep), nothing like Love Your Labour© out there. It’s the only serious online natural labour training program offered from a naturopathic perspective that prevents & prepares you for every eventuality. 

I've seen other online labour programs that are a) more expensive, b) only have access for one year, and c) do not provide step-by-step instructions for what to do if your labour goes into the weeds.

It’s the most accessible, thorough, convenient, easy-to-follow, supportive option available - and the LYL Facebook Community is THE best.

Can Corinne be my doula? 
I’d love to be the doula for all my LYL mamas, but obviously because they're scattered all across North America (and beyond!) that's not possible. However, the LYL Facebook community has absolutely had threads with mamas in labour and we're messaging back & forth with updates! 

As well, Corinne is planning to provide virtual doula services in the future, so it never hurts to reach out to hello@brownrootsbaby.com if that interests you!

Can I just get one module instead of the whole program? 
No, I don't ever split up the program content. I feel strongly that it's most effective as a package, so I do everything I can to make it as affordable as possible so that if one module doesn't apply / interest you, it makes sense to purchase the program anyway because there's still massive value for the relatively low cost.

LYL sounds great, but I can't afford it right now.
As a childbearing woman, this is one time in your life that you should absolutely invest in yourself. You won't be disappointed, Love Your Labour© is worth many, many more times the investment.

But I understand money can be tight when there’s a new baby on the way. Some women have overcome this problem by adding LYL to their baby registry! If you'd like more info on this, email us at hello@brownrootsbaby.com

How can you guarantee I won't need intervention?
I can't guarantee that you’ll have an intervention-free birth. No-one can - not me, you, your partner, your doctor/midwife, your doula...no one. Sometimes, medical intervention is required, and that's okay. It's wonderful to have it when needed.

The problem is that interventions are not necessary as often as they're used - and that’s where Love Your Labour© comes in. I CAN guarantee that this program will get you closer to your ideal birth than anything else out there AND that it will positively impact your experience, no matter what your birth outcome is.

To be clear, there will probably be moments of your birthing experience that are not beautiful. Or magical. If you’re anything like me, there’ll be moments when you’re swearing like a trucker and begging to everything HOLY that it will be over soon, lol.

But you know what? All that hard work is even more rewarding when your body responds beautifully because you prepared it for natural childbirth.

What if I already took a prenatal class? 
Nice! So happy to see that you’re preparing for your birth & have taken a class.

But Love Your Labour© is not the same information because no-one else is talking about birth from a specifically naturopathic perspective: the foods, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, acupressure, systems and protocols taught in Love Your Labour© are unique!

Can I talk to Corinne? How much support do I get? 
I’m there for you every step of the way. You can always get in touch with me or my assistant, Mallory, via email or by posting inside the amazing Facebook group. 

The LYL Facebook community is a great place to get answers to your questions from fellow LYL mamas, too - these women are seriously incredible and the breadth of their experiences and resources is jaw-dropping!


I am bursting at the seams with natural labour & birth advice and knowledge.

  • Lifelong birth junkie, including being a doula for my cats & interviewing everyone and their grandmother (literally...even my own grandmother!) about their births, even as a very young girl
  • Nine years of post-secondary education including:
  • ​An undergraduate degree from Acadia University in biology and psychology, and
  • ​An intensive four-year Naturopathic Doctor program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, focusing on obstetrics, and women & children's health
  • ​Four years practicing as an active ND running a Prenatal Naturopathic Practice within a midwifery clinic, helping pregnant couples achieve their ideal births
  • Many births under my belt as a labour doula for ten years, of which less than 10% ended up in epidural or c-section
  • Almost 45 hours of my OWN natural labour experiences between all three of my births (one c-section, and two VBACs - one in hospital, one at home)
  • ​Five years of managing an online community of thousands of pregnant LYL mamas, helping them prepare for & induce their own natural labours
What Others Say

Wow, you are awesome! Thank you so much for making that information available to us. 

I've done a lot of research on natural childbirth but nothing was as good as this. You are amazing!

- Melissa

We've absolutely loved your program. I was so disappointed when I was unable to get a midwife where I live, but the Love your Labour program is just the "natural edge" I was looking for. 

The workbooks are awesome quick references and being able to re-watch the videos is wonderful. I appreciated your willingness to answer questions along the way. 

Even though we've never met, I feel confident in your care. Thank you!

- Alia

I am LOVING Love Your Labour - so, so glad I finally decided to make the investment. 

My partner was pretty resistant to a birth class of any sort, but he’s been so receptive to the digital format, and it’s stimulated lots of good dialogue and it’s nice to be having these intimate conversations in our own home without strangers. Really loving it!

- Kelsey
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