EXCLUSIVE | Live Webinar From Corinne Brown Reveals:
How To Have A Smooth and Efficient Natural Birth Experience...
...Without Unnecessary Medication or Intervention!
* Seats Are Very Limited. This Webinar WILL Hit Capacity *
What You'll See On This Training:
  • ​The 3 most common INCORRECT assumptions that most pregnant mamas (maybe even you?) are making 
  •  The 3 principles of training your mind to cope WELL with contractions (no matter how hard they get!)
  • The 3 principles of preparing your body to have a smooth & efficient natural birth (so you can avoid unnecessary medications & interventions in your labour)
* Seats Are Very Limited. This Webinar WILL Hit Capacity *
Hey there, I'm Corinne
Former Naturopathic Doctor, Labour Doula, Midwifery Advocate, 
Creator of the Love Your Labour© program + mama of 3 sweet little boys.

I'm thrilled that you're ready to register for the Natural Labour Preparation Webinar, which tens of thousands of women before you have watched & used to achieve their dream birth experience. 

Without it, you could feel fearful, unprepared and out-of-control during your labour....all things that actually work AGAINST the natural birth you're going for.

But with it, you'll remove the guesswork and have a clear roadmap to feeling confident, comfortable & in control in your labour. 

Register, tune-in live & enjoy!
Corinne xo.


I'm so grateful for amazing online resources like this! We live in a remote area and would not have access to this type of info in person!


A year later & I still can't stop talking about my amazing labour experience! I stayed so calm and it made me & my husband more connected than ever.


I did it!! I am beyond grateful to you for supporting me & my body and helping me to prepare it for the birth that I dreamed of!


Your webinar & your story gave me the strength to know I DO have a choice 
and I DO have the right to choose my birth plan. 

Thank you for giving me the courage to voice what I wanted & not allow the hospital to bully me into something that didn't feel like the right or natural choice for me! 
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* Seats Are Very Limited. This Webinar WILL Hit Capacity *
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