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Don't miss my FREE webinar where I discuss what Naturopathic Labour Prep IS (and why you need it), the Birth Goddess Magic Mindset, and how to prepare yourself mentally & physically for a smooth, efficient labour. 
* very limited seating - only 100 spots for each webinar... *

What We'll Discuss On This Free Webinar
Natural Labour Preparation
Preparation: what it IS, how it’s different from what you’re already doing, and why you 100% need it for your natural labour.
The Birth Goddess Magic Mindset
The 1 second mindset hack that’ll help you have a positive birth experience...and yes... even LOVE your labour!
Actionable Labour Prep Tools
3 tips to prepare your mind to handle contractions & 3 ways to prepare your body for a smooth & efficient labour.
“I just wanted to let you that you pretty much saved my life! Your tips and answers to my many questions helped me SO MUCH during labor. It was a quick & controlled 7hr labour with our first baby - and all natural! I was so proud of myself. After listening to your webinar I felt ready & confident, and it really showed! I had a great experience, I owe you a huge thank you!” - Arienne 

About Corinne Brown
My name is Corinne Brown, I’m a Labour Doula, mom of 2 and my purpose on this planet is to help YOU give birth naturally and love your labour.
After a devastating unplanned c-section with my first baby, I made it my life’s mission to help other women (and myself!) prepare for a smooth & efficient natural birth. I created a first-class online program called Love Your Labour to share my unique 4-step Natural Labour Training system with the world.

My mission is to maximize your chances of having a natural birth and minimize your risk of unnecessary intervention. It’s worked for hundreds of women already, and it can work for you too!

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